Dress Code for Star Skate Sessions

No jeans. No hoodies. No winter jackets. Dress in layers to allow for freedom of movement. Hair must be a ponytail with long bangs pinned back. Mittens are preferable to gloves.

Cold Weather Policy

All lessons will be cancelled if the temperature falls below -35°C.

Ice Rules

Skaters are expected to skate on the sessions for which they are qualified and have registered/paid for. Skaters are not permitted to sell or trade sessions. If you miss your regular session for particular day you may not skate on another session in lieu of the one you missed. You may not have another skater skate on sessions you are not able to attend.
Skaters are expected to fill large holes in the ice surface with ice provided by the City on each ice session.
Only water bottles are permitted at the ice surface. No pop or juice, etc, at rink side.


Freeskate Sessions:
                   Soloists in a lesson have the right of way.
                   Soloists not in a lesson have second priority.
                   When the jump harness is in use, the skater in it has the right of way.
                   Skater’s music may be played once per program per session, time permitting.
                   Spins are to be practiced in the center except when skating a program or in a lesson
                    Skaters must ensure session is not full.
                    Maximum skaters on ice: 25.
                    Skaters must complete a buy-on envelope and deposit in club mailbox.

Session Qualifications

Skaters may skate down on a session but may not skate up. For example, Star 3+ skaters may buy onto a Star 1 or 2 session or a Star 2 may buy onto a Star 1 session, but a Star 1 or 2 may not buy onto a Star 3+ session. Any questions, please ask one of the coaches.