High Performance Program

PGFSC is proud to offer an invitation only comprehensive high performance program for skaters who display above average talent, determination, drive, and athleticism.

News bulletin: We are not just a recreational club!

Our coaches are highly trained and have in depth experience developing competitive athletes. The high performance program is designed to FAST TRACK skaters who have the desire and spark to compete at an elite level.

Sarah Anne Awchoula, High Performance participant, 2019 CNC Regional Champion in the Star 5 under 10 category!

Sophia Mohring, High Performance participant, Silver Medallist in Star 4 under 13 at the Autumn Leaves Super Series Competition in Kamloops, October 2018

High Performance Program Requirements:

• Full program participation in fall, winter and spring seasons.

• Commit to one private dryland session per week during the winter season (15-20 min).

• 60-70% participation in summer programming.

• Commit to 2-3 competitions per season.

Skaters in this program will:

• Be on an elite team.

• Receive focused instruction in high performance techniques and skills.

• Have a yearly development plan created for them by the coaches.

• Be a part of personalized goal setting with the coaches.

• Enjoy a motivating atmosphere where they will be progressively challenged.

How does it work?

• Skaters will participate in the high performance sessions. In addition they will participate in their program’s sessions.

• The coaches will arrange a meeting to discuss a plan for your skater and go over budgets, home flexibility plans, etc