CanSkate and Preschool: Skate Canada fees are non-refundable. Refunds are subject to a $25.00 refund fee. Refunds will be issued to skaters in Preschool and CanSkate. Refunds will be pro rated to the last day skated. Please either email or drop the request in writing in the Kin 2 mail slot.

Under the following circumstances PGFSC will issue refunds to Adult Skate, CanPower, Junior Academy, and Figure Skating programs:

1.   Season ending injury

2.  Relocation outside of Prince George

3.  Doctors order to refrain from sporting activities.

Voluntary withdrawal of any participant does not entitle the skater to a refund; however each case may be reviewed and decided upon by the PGFSC Board (i.e. in cases of severe financial hardship or terminal illness in the family) if requested in writing. All decisions of the Board will be final.

To be considered, refund requests for all programs must be submitted in writing to the PGFSC office within 14 days of the last day skated.